how to brush proper/ Proper Brushing Techniques!!!!!

Proper Brushing Techniques

Did you know that there are different techniques for brushing your teeth? And yes, they even have their own names. There is the Bass method, Charter’s method, Modified Stillman method, etc. The most popular and most recommended is the Bass method. Step-by-step directions are offered below:

o Start by placing the toothbrush bristles at a 45 degree angle on the front surface of the back teeth. Move the toothbrush in small circular motions. Make sure that you brush the tooth and especially the area where the tooth meets the gums.

o With this circular motion, slowly move forward towards the front teeth. Don’t rush!! Be sure to take your time and clean off all food debris and plaque. If you are having the problems with the brush fitting in your mouth, angle it vertically and continue to brush at a 45 degree angle the front surface and gum line.

o Continue to move around the arch and cover the back teeth on the opposite side.

o Repeat these steps with the back of the teeth as well (the side of the teeth that is closest to the tongue)

o Next, place the toothbrush bristles on the chewing surfaces of the teeth (known in the dental world as the occlusal surface).

o Move the toothbrush back in forth in a “scrubbing motion”. Be sure to brush the chewing surfaces of all teeth, even the front teeth.

o Rinse your toothbrush, place on tongue, and gently run the bristles over your tongue. The tongue can also harbor bacteria and cavity causing germs and must be cleaned as well.

Remember, a beautiful smile leaves a lasting impression. Happy Brushing!


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